Hessian Cafe in Oakwood


You know those places that make you feel a little bit cooler as soon as you step inside? Well Hessian is definitely one of those places. I first visited this hidden gem after a mammoth walk around Roundhay Park. Situated on a busy parade in Oakwood, the bold blue statement cafe certainly knows how to catch your eye.

I initially visited for lunch on a busy Saturday afternoon (and by the way – all of the food is insane and presented so beautifully you have to take a snap of it before you take a bite), and enjoyed it so much I decided to return a few weeks later for coffee and cake.

This time I visited on a sleepy Sunday afternoon after the rush of people had been and gone and was able to take a seat wherever I fancied.

Hessian Cafe Oakwood

So I opted to take a seat under this attractive young stag, right by all the chefs working their magic. Hessian makes no apologies for it’s big bold colours, eclectic mix of prints and wall art to give you a retro but relaxed vibe to wine and dine in.

….But back to the coffee and cake. As we waltzed over to our seat we noticed the drool-inducing cakes up on the counter and it was there I spotted the little number I was going to polish off before I had even taken my first sip of coffee. The cinnamon bun.

Hessian Cafe Oakwood

Drizzled in icing and topped with a sprinkling of walnuts, the cinnamon bun was indulgently dense, sticky, cinnamon-y and full of all the spices that remind you of Christmas. It was the perfect size for a coffee date (who am I kidding – I could have had two) but for once, it didn’t leave me with cake envy. My boyfriend ordered the classic chocolate brownie, which was equally yummy but when you’ve got cinnamon on the mind, it’s only the cinnamon bun that’s going to satisfy that craving. And Hessian’s delicious offering certainly did just that.

Hessian may be small, but it is perfectly formed. With super friendly staff and cakes that have already got me planning my next visit, I definitely recommend trying this place for yourself.


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