Bloomfield Square Coffee Shop

Bloomfield Square

Otley is fast becoming one of my favourite places to stop off and enjoy a coffee (and of course, a piece of cake). A quaint little market town, the stylish eateries and coffee pit stops are often overlooked in favour of its old school pubs and traditional chippies.

But there has been a noticeable shift in the last couple of years.

Otley is putting itself on the coffee shaped map and taking inspiration from the more cosmopolitan cities that surround the town.

Introducing… Bloomfield Square

With a name like that, you might expect this café to be nestled in a sophisticated corner of Covent Garden. However this quirky coffee shop is situated in the heart of Otley, giving Yorkshire folk somewhere a little different to escape to.

Bloomfield Square Otley

Mixing traditional and vintage with a cool country vibe, you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door. Downstairs has a cosy feel with lots of intimate table set-ups and a roaring fire (just perfect for winter).

Venture upstairs though, and you’re treated to rustic wooden beams, whitewashed brickwork and a mix of comfy cushion-filled corners to park your bum.

Bloomfield Square


Whilst ordering our drinks, we became majorly distracted by the counter filled with mouth watering brownies and opted for a honeycomb brownie and a cheeky white chocolate and raspberry number.

We retreated back to our cosy corner upstairs, waiting for our sweet treats to arrive, all the while ‘gramming the s*** out of this beautiful little hideaway.

But let’s get down to the exciting stuff… the brownies.

The honeycomb brownie was delicious.  Dense (but in all the right ways) chocolatey, sticky and really indulgent, finished off perfectly with a honeycomb crunch topping. If I had to say anything it would have been to incorporate more honeycomb within the brownie itself but that’s only if I’m being very picky. It has inspired me to try out a honeycomb brownie recipe myself as I haven’t yet combined those two things and as I am in love with both, it seems a no-brainer really.

Bloomfield Square Brownies

The white chocolate and raspberry brownie is not a typical brownie flavour that I opt for as I often find the taste to be quite bitter. However, this particular brownie caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist. Again, the brownie had a lovely fudgey consistency, with just a hint of raspberry running through it – enough to taste it but not too overpowering. Just lovely.

If you want somewhere to put your feet up after a long walk on the chevin, or just a quiet escape from a busy day – Bloomfield Square offers a nostalgic retreat that has echoes of those Sunday visits to your grandparents when you were a child, cosy and comforting all at the same time. I promise you’ll definitely leave this place with a smile on your face.


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