Classic Victoria Sponge Cake

Mint Brasserie and Tea Room

Hello! Remember me?

I have been unforgivably sloppy on the blogging front and for that I can only apologise. To make up for it, I am armed with excuses but more importantly, new recipes and cake havens for you lovely lot to indulge in.

Firstly, I wanted to kick off 2018 with a bit more productivity in all areas of my life. That’s why I have been busying myself with bits and bobs over the last month or so.

Including a last minute getaway which I’ll get on to in a moment.

Guernsey Coast

First things first though, cue way overdue New Year’s resolutions that no one really cares about…

Promise I will keep it short and sweet.

I have joined a gym (!) I know can you believe it?! Well it wasn’t intentional but baking cakes and eating cakes doesn’t really promote a healthy lifestyle. (Who’d of thought it ey) so to restore the balance a little, I thought I should make a more conscious effort to keep fit.

I have also started reading again too. I used to be an absolute book nerd pre-university. However, if there is one thing that is going to make you scared of picking up a book again, it’s reading approx. 3 million books a week on an English Literature course. So after a short hiatus, I finally conquered the fear and I’m back to being a geeky little bookworm.

And last but certainly not least, my final resolution was to be a bit more organised with my blog and make sure I am keeping up with regular posting. Although outwardly it may seem I have failed miserably if January is anything to go by, I have actually been busy upping my Instagram game and preparing some fresh new content to share with you all.

Starting with the little mini break I took last week.

After some gin-filled birthday celebrations, my boyfriend and I decided to head off for a few days to visit some family over in Guernsey.

Guernsey is a beautiful little island just off the French coast, often overlooked in favour of its larger sister island, Jersey. But with so much history and coastal charm, I can definitely see why the rich and famous choose to set up camp here.

Most of our time was spent walking on the beach, chilling out and catching up – which was just what we needed. And after another long but beautiful coastal walk, I couldn’t be happier to sit down in a quaint little tea room and tuck into some cake (after all, we had earned it). Introducing the charming Mint Brasserie and Tea Room.

Mint Tearoom Guernsey

First of all, let me tell you the best thing about having someone to eat cake with. If you are as indecisive as me when it comes to choosing a slice, you can order two pieces with no judgement and share them both, therefore lessening the risk of making the wrong choice.

In this case, we had a double whammy of cake heaven. I am a big fan of the Victoria Sponge Cake, they say you should never mess with a classic and this is a prime example. Mint delivered the lightest Victoria sponge I have ever tasted, it literally melted in your mouth. The sponge was perfectly balanced with a generous helping of whipped cream and finished off perfectly with the sweetest squidge of strawberry jam. It may be simple but my oh my, that combination is all kinds of satisfying.


Can I go anywhere without having something involving chocolate? The answer is no, I cannot. So my follow up cake was a chocolate peanut butter cake (your mouth is watering isn’t it) well mine certainly did when I spotted it in the counter. This chocolate cake was sandwiched together with thick and crunchy peanut buttercream, finished off with a sticky chocolate ganache. It was so indulgent and each bite was made even better with the chance of getting a random nugget of chocolatey nuttiness nestled between the crumbs.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

What I loved about this place was that it didn’t try to be something it is not – no instagrammable fanciness just for the sake of it, just good old fashioned cake, baked to perfection. They even have all the old school recipe books on the table for you to look through as you sit with your coffee (naturally, I banked a few of these bad boy recipes to inspire some future bakes of my own).

Traditional Cake Recipes

Thank you for a traditional tea room experience Mint, Guernsey is lucky to have you. I quickly found out there isn’t much in the way of good coffee and cake hangouts on this island so I was so happy to discover this hidden gem. If anyone has any suggestions on where I should visit next please comment below and give me another excuse to eat cake (not that I need it).

In the meantime, check out my latest cupcake recipes and let me know if you give any a go, I would love to see how you get on!


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