Hello! I’m Soph.

A digital marketing manager from the best place on earth…Yorkshire.

Yes, that means I appreciate a well-made brew, (Yorkshire tea only please) and love nothing more than long walks in the countryside… this is starting to sound like a weird dating profile.

As an English Literature graduate, I am a bit of a word nerd. I have always loved to read and write and throughout my degree discovered a love for Victorian Literature. But don’t panic, I’m not going to bang on about the Brontë sisters or Thomas Hardy… I do know they are an acquired taste.

In all honesty, this blog was really a process of elimination.

A homes/interiors blog was definitely out of the question. I am a 25 year old woman still living in the box room of my mum and dad’s three bed semi.

A healthy living/fitness blog… yes well I love cake so I don’t think we need to say anymore on that one. Don’t get me wrong, I like to keep active but you will never find me posting gym selfies and eating what looks like liquidised grass in a bottle, ain’t nobody got time for that.

And I don’t have nearly enough fashion sense (or money) for a fashion and beauty blog. Being 5ft 11, bagging something remotely fashionable in the tall section of Topshop is about as trend-setting as I get.

So yeah, the cupcaker.

And here we are, a blog all about cakes. Cupcakes are my favourite thing to bake (hence the name) but you’ll also find a few brownie and cake recipes thrown in to the mix too.

I also love to eat cake, doesn’t everyone!? So as well as recipes, I will also scribble down some of my favourite places to visit for coffee and cake around the UK (mainly Yorkshire). Sometimes they’ll inspire another recipe, but mostly it’s just another excuse to fill my face with a sweet treat and claim it’s for research purposes.